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Don't come here

Mountain Home AFB

We've been to four other air force bases; Keesler, Beale, Travis, and Elmendorf, and this is by far the worst for so many reasons. Idaho is behind the times on plenty of issues. This is a Mormon state and I've never seen more judgmental religious republicans and we just moved from Alaska. The politicians here are evil, with the exception of Walt Minnick. Bill Sali, who voted against giving soldiers in Iraq leave between tours, is even worse than Larry Craig. People here are racist, especially towards Mexicans. I'm Asian and they just stare at me stupid like they've never seen one before. They hate Californians and blame them for all their problems. As soon as we arrived and my husband saw the base, he said he refused to live there and didn't care how far his commute was. So, for a year he commuted from Meridian, which is over an hour drive with tons of traffic between there and Boise. Our pay is about half of what it was in Alaska, and it costs more to live here because Idaho taxes everything, including food. Even California doesn't tax food. The city of Mountain Home is ugly and run-down, the people are trashy and uneducated. All we have is a Wal-mart, which is half an hour away because the main gate has been closed for about a year now. Boise is quite nice, but the drive is horrible and there are no gas stations along the way. Idahoans can't drive when the weather is nice, so imagine how many accidents we have during the winter. You would think the base would try to make up for being in such an undesirable area, but they don't. My husband hates his job because no one knows what they're doing here. He works long hours and often weekends. Last year, he didn't know if he'd have Thanksgiving off until the last minute. And before that, he had worked every single day for almost two months straight. He didn't even have enough time to sleep, forget about spending time with his family. He used to love his job, but this base has made him want to get out of the military. They send them on useless deployments constantly. I haven't met one person who isn't trying to leave ASAP. The BX is horrible and tiny. And EVERYTHING is extremely overpriced, especially their electronics. I bought an 8GB RCA Opal MP3 player off base for $50, the BX has an OLD 2GB RCA Opal for $170. Their selection is bad and outdated. The commissary is small and it takes forever to shop because you have to check everything for expiration dates because over half the stuff in there is expired, or will be very soon. Even their vitamins and medications! The new base housing is okay, but small and poorly designed. My house has two weird walls so the living room is cut in half. There is plenty of closet space, except for the master bedroom which makes no sense. It's almost like they forgot to put a closet in, so had to make one out of the corner of our room. It's the smallest closet I've ever seen, 1/3 the size of a normal sliding door closet. Our families have visited once while we've been here because no one wants to come back. They'd much rather pay to fly the four of us to them. There is some outdoorsy stuff to do here, like hunting, hiking and fishing. The weather is horrible though. It is unbelievably windy here. Alaskan winters were more tolerable because the wind makes life miserable here. You can't even walk outside some days. It also gets unbearably hot in the summers. This base is hell, if you can prevent from being stationed here, do it!

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