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Tell others what you like about the bases where you've lived. Where are the best places to live? What are some of the things to do there? How is the weather? Are the people friendly? How are the schools? Is there affordable housing off-base? Give other families information that will help them decide where they can move next!

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Been there, done that....etc.

Spang((Germany), Tyndall(FL) Osan, Korea, JBLE-Langley-Eustis

Greetings all' Been fortunate to be stationed in all the areas that I wanted to be, as opposed to "don't mind going to that base", thus far(knock on wood). From both the accompanied and unaccompanied perspective, I'll try and do my best to stick to the meat and less fat, unless necessary. Its all relative, some how, so my apologies in advance, if this gets long-winded. Time span(2002-present): Spang(DE) is located in what they call the 'Eifel Region of Germany, just outside the town of Spandahlem. Unlike its big sister base, Ramstein: about 45 min away near "k-town"(Kaiserslaten?), it is the smaller of the two, thus has the " everybody knows everybody" atmosphere. Location also puts you w/in an hours drive to the Belgium border and Trier, the oldest city in DE. If and when given the opportunity, live off-base on the economy and travel, whenever possible. You'll appreciate it that much more(Europe in general). Many changes have been made, I'm sure since 02-04'. I've heard that the annex base Bitburg which had extra family housing and the H.S. as well as an extra larger Commissary/BX and ER has been turned back over to the Germans. Main-base does have an Elementary school, still, I think as well as a Commissary/BX and hospital. I lived in Erdorf, only 15 min. from base, as an unaccompanied airmen. Tyndall(Panama City, north-FL.) is mentioned here acouple times already so, I'll try and be brief. You already know about the weather in FL. and Spring Break. If you're one that has always wanted to retire to or in FL. or own property in FL. away from but still close enough to the beach? This is the place to do it. And, if you like to hunt and fish, etc. This is the place. Military-friendly. Osan, Korea- now has the unaccompanied and accompanied options, but still considered a "short-tour" credit. Family friendly w/ newly built H.S. and elementary schools. Great shopping just outside of Gate, is all within walking distance. Shuttles to Soeul via Army Post and Incheon Airport. Transportation friendly, (Don't recommend driving POV alot; Korean Taxi and drivers, overall are very reckless.) SpaceA is also available to Japan, Guam, Hawaii, etc. w/ restrictions, of course. Just be prepared for Base shutdown during base-exercises, to include, Commissary/BX. Langley, VA.JBLE(Hampton, Norfolk, Newport-News)-now Joint Base w/. Ft. Eustis. ACC HQ-location. Decent area, constantly-changing/up-and-coming Hampton area(Hampton University, Coliseum-venue, Buckroe Beach, Ft. Monroe, Pheobus, Peninsula Town Center Outdoor Shopping Mall(new))-new base Hospital(still doing additions)....suggest living off- base, as most do....wasn't impressed w/ Base House, however, they are currently constructing new base housing, located in what is known as Bethel Manor Area. Norfolk Naval Station just 20 min. away as well as another Navy Air Station(Virginia Beach).Newport News Shipyard, Historical Williamsburg and Busch Gardens and Water park all within a half hour of area(s). 3 1/2-hrs. drive away from D.C./Maryland area(watch for traffic on the way) Virginian drivers are "special" people. Weather is pretty consistent, mild winters....they have what they call Northeaster' here, which is just a day or so period of heavy rain downpour, which causes flash flooding. They also have hurricane season in from mid July-Aug, Sept. Very Military friendly area. POTUS visits frequently within last 2 yrs.

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