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Tell others what you like about the bases where you've lived. Where are the best places to live? What are some of the things to do there? How is the weather? Are the people friendly? How are the schools? Is there affordable housing off-base? Give other families information that will help them decide where they can move next!

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Marine Corps Base Hawaii

The commissary is really nice in comparison to Pearl Harbor; however,the Exchange is pretty small. Since his base is small, there isn't much going on. Finding housing in the area is almost impossible right now, as many of the homes on base are torn down (believe me, I work in real estate out here...people are begging for rentals). They are building new housing, but it's mainly for higher ranking enlisted people and their families. Aside from Lucy's and Buzz's in Kailua, many of the restaurants are very average. There really is no night life here, unless you come from a very small town and are simply dying for ANY entertainment. Most people go to movies more than anything. For enlisted members' wives, the wives' clubs are very poorly organized, so it is hard to meet people. Also, finding a job is EXTREMELY difficult for most people, as many local people don't like to hire mainlanders that they know will be leaving. I've been very lucky, but many people aren't. The weather really is unbeatable. I can't imagine there is anywhere else in the world that literally has summer with minimal humidity year-round. However, for the most part life is pretty boring, unless you really love beach activities. If you plan to work out on town, be prepared to make significantly less that on the mainland compared to what things cost. As an example, our tiny two bedroom apartment was $895 and was nothing special at all. When you move here, just be prepared. Life is much different and expensive. Too many people move here and think "Wow, we're moving to HAWAII." It's not what it's cracked up to be most of the time. I'm not bitter. Just telling you how it is. From one wife to another, I just hear the same complaints over and over.

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