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Title: I would not trade my life as a Navy wife for anything  
By: Nichole  

My husband and I met on a blind date shortly after he got back from San Diego, to start school at the Sub School in Groton, CT. (our friends met in Oklahoma when her boy friend was on his way to CT.) Kevin(my husband) was asked by Matt(guy who fixed us up) to go to Jersey with him to stay at the beach for the weekend where his girlfriend lived. Tanya(my best-friend) called me at work and asked me to go out with he that night. We both said 'Yes'. So, we had no idea we were about to meet becouse niether of us would have gone if we knew we were being set up. We finally met and I didn't really talk to him most of the night becouse i kept a closed mind...(You know what they say about sailors.) I didn't want to be his ONE in New Jersey. So he left and I didn't think I would ever hear from him again, but i started to think about him all the time, so obviosly something was good about him. Well, to make a long story short he surprised me and came back this time with 500 DAISY'S. He investigated (asked Tanya) and went out and bought them and showed up at my job. That is when I knew I wanted to marry this man. Kevin is an awsome man, he took the responsability of helping raise my 2 year old daughter(she was two at the time). He never judged me. When I went to work He spent time with Allyson (daughter) and my MOTHER. He drove down every friday night to see us and never complained about it or the traffic. We have had obsicles to cross with him being in the Navy, like when he was done with SUB School, he had to pick a boat and the only one avaliable was in Washington State. That was hard becouse we were engaged and we could not go with him. But, he thankfully got a boat in CT. (the USS. ALBUQUERQUE). One of the best moments of him being in the Navy since I met him is, the first time Allyson and I met him at

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