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Here is one for you...

Here is one for you...
Posted by: Navy Wife

Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 @ 08:14
POVERTY. Google Leonard Pitts and read his article about "Shanesha Taylor." There are a couple of important aspects in that article. What does that have to do with the military or spouses? It doesn't but poverty in the military does. Explore it. It should be dicussed. It isn't a nasty secret. I bet military spouses who are on forms of government food aid aren't making salads in a jar.

RE: Here is one for you...
Posted by: Kirnacopia

Saturday, April 12th, 2014 @ 12:58
I'll bite.
I was dual service out in Miramar. We lived off base to try to save a little money. We tried to find a home that charged less than BAH so that we could add to our "income" each month. If we didn't do that, then we would never have any money for savings or emergencies. My goal was to pay credit cards in the military. Instead I managed to have the balance grow. For those that live on base, your entire BAH is contributed to housing leaving with basic pay to live on. I cannot even imagine how live would have been serving with one income and maybe having a few children. You speak of poverty. I am sure some are on the cusp. However, there are several options available to military families. Especially to families about to have children.
If big military does not realize that service members live hand to mouth, then the service organizations out there do. I suppose that big military counts on those contributions to make up for the poverty level they subject members to. One could say that "well, it is what they signed up to do, they could have done another job or have gone to college" and that may be true. But there are truly people that live for their country and a meager salary is no way to repay them. (Same goes for teachers. That's a whole different can of beans.)
All in all, I agree with you. I wish that instead of threatening to cut pensions and BAH, they would establish a more efficient service where there may be fewer members but they get paid a little more to make up for the "extra" work. Instead, they cut funding while downsizing. This allows poverty to continue and destroys morale. Morale is nothing like it was at the times of WAR AND WW2. Why? I can't say. But money always seems to ease people's stress. Lessening stress allows members to focus on the mission. Which is what they are paid to do, and do well.