chicken and dumplings Recipe

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chicken and dumplings

Name: Kristy
Recipe: ingredients... 2 cans of cream of chicken soup milk water egg noodles chicken breast bisquik mix You can really just use however much chick you want, I usually buy those bags of frozen chicken breasts and use two or three. Cut them up and cook in large pot. After the chicken is cooked at the two cans of soup. Then I use one can of milk and one can of water, but you can really use however much you want it just depends on if you like it creamy or soupy. Next add your egg noodles, I usually use about 4 or 5 cups, but it just depends on if you want a lot of noodles or not. Let this cook until the noodles are almost all the way cooked. While you are waiting for the noodles make the dumplings according to the recipe on the bisquik box. Then spoon into your pot, put the lid on and let cook about half and hour or until dumplings are cooked. When you are spooning the dumplings in don't forget to use only about a tablespoon. They may look small but don't forget they expand. I forgot this the first time I made it and we had dumplings and chicken not chicken and dumplings.