Baked Chicken Recipe

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Baked Chicken

Name: LKay
Recipe: I'm an AF spouse of 20 years, and I have baked a lot of chickens over the years! You can usually get whole chickens in the commissary for about $3 a piece. You just clean out the cavity (where they stow the heart, neck, etc.)and bake it in a shallow pan for 2 hours at 350. I sometimes stuff the chicken with some orange, lime, or lemon quarters if I have some that are drying out and need to be used up. The citrus gives the chicken a great flavor. Or I rub them with some dry spice before baking. I usually bake two or three at once. (Makes the house smell great!) I take the meat off the bone to use in sandwiches or other recipies after we eat it like a turkey the first night. My family loves this! You can also throw a chicken in the crock pot for 6-8 hours on low. I do them during the night sometimes this way!