Lincoln Log Sandwiches Recipe

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Lincoln Log Sandwiches

Name: Eve B
Base: Davis-Monthan AFB
Recipe: 1 pk Hot Dog buns 1 pk Hot Dogs 1 tub or pk Philedelphia Cream Cheese, softened (Or for Jersey style 1 pk of Provalone cheese) Cook,grill, or broil the hot dogs set aside. Toast the Hot Dog Buns (open faced). Take the cooked hot dogs cut down the middle, then place them on the toasted buns. Spread Philly cream cheese on the sliced hot dogs and serve. For Jersey style, place a half of slice of the provalone cheese on each split hot dog, warm in oven til cheese is melted about 5 mins. remove from oven place on toasted buns and serve. This is a good quick snack. Enjoy!!!