Cordon Bleu Recipe

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Cordon Bleu

Name: Yong Burrell
Base: Retired FT Lewis
Recipe: Start by chopping up Mushrooms,Brocoli and a small Onion. In a pan,stir fry the vegitables in margarine.Cut boneless skinless chicken breast thin. Usually one breast will produce two cordon bleu. Slice open the chicken breast not cutting all the through, but close to the other side. Open it and add a thin piece of ham,Swiss cheese or American cheese(kids love)or mozzarella cheese(kids Love) Add stir fried vegitables on top close it up. Coat in flour, beaten eggs and than coat in panko brand Japanese style bread crumbs.This is a finer bread crumb that makes the cordon bleu look like little fingers of bread crumbs sticking out. Deep fry to a golden brown. One other the kids love is add pepperoni on top of the ham.You can freeze the left over whole cordon bleu and it warms up in the microwave three minutes on high.