Pepper Steak Recipe

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Pepper Steak

Name: Bessie Childs
Base: Kings Bay Submarine Base
Recipe: Needed: Two lbs of Steak or Chicken Two Bell Peppers One large Onion (Optional) Six fl oz of Soy Sauce .5 tbls of black pepper Two cups of rice or one bag of minute rice Cut Pepper and Onion to desired size for eatting. Place in pot boil with water. Boil rice until done. Put Steak in frying pan adding three oz of Soy Sauce. Fry steak to desired taste. rare, medium or done Drain pepper and onion. Add Pepper and Onion to staek. At this point add in black pepper and rest of soy sauce. Stir well. Allow pepper and onion to simmer with steak for about three minutes. Remove from heat. serve pepper, onion and steak untop of rice and enjoy.