Christmas Crunch Recipe

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Christmas Crunch

Name: Stacey Aron
Base: Redstone Arsenal
Recipe: 1 100 count box of mini candy canes 1 package of vanilla almond bark wax paper and cookie pan place almond bark in pan and melt according to instructions on package.Line pan with wax paper and bust candy canes into pieces and remove from wrappers. When bark is melted, stir in candy cane bits and mix well. Pour onto paper lined pan and spread into a thin layer. Allow to cool completely. Break into pieces and use as a garnishment for candy tray or give as gift treats. You may also save a few candy canes and bust until very fine. Sprinkle over top and drizzle with chocolate. A little of this candy goes along way so be sure to spread out until very thin. Let me know how you like this!!