Country fried chicken Recipe

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Country fried chicken

Name: Suzanne Dibenedetto
Base: Ft hamilton
Recipe: I like to use chicken tenders for this recipe but I have also used thighs and legs. 1 c whole milk 2 tbsp white vinegar ( this creates buttermilk) so no need to buy it separately 6 cloves garlic chopped 2tsp thyme Salt and pepper 1 sleeve of any butter flavored cracker and 1 cup flour Salt and pepper 1 or 2 tsps paprika Vegetable oil for frying Mix crushed crackers flour and time along with salt pepper and thyme Mix garlic into milk mixture. Marinate chicken parts in buttermilk with garlic cloves. You can marinate it anywhere from a few hrs to overnight.its up to you. Take chicken a few pieces at a time and put in zip lock bag with cracker/flour mixture Fry chicken pieces around 7 minutes each side until lightly golden then transfer to baking sheet and continue in 375degree oven for another 20 minutes. This is a family favorite recipe. If you use the tenders which I do as an appetizer, you can add melted cheese toppings or sauce.