Saltine Crackers Recipe

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Saltine Crackers

Name: Antoinette (Tonie) Castillo
Base: Ft. Sam Houston.....husband, Navy Retired
Recipe: Crackers in a Jar 1 box premium crackers 1 1/4 cup canola oil 1 heaping Tbsp. dill weed 1 package original ranch salad dressing mix Place crackers in large bowl.....I prefer to use my roasting pan because the crackers spread out more easily. In the measuring cup where you have measured the canola oil, mix in the dill weed and salad dressing mix.....stir well and pour over crackers making sure the are well covered. That's it, enjoy! They are so addictive! They go well with cheese, wine, yum! Oh, I store mine in a large Tupperware container and place them in the fridge.