Beef, mushroom, & broccoli stir fry Recipe

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Beef, mushroom, & broccoli stir fry

Name: Kateri Rosanne Taimanao
Base: JBSA Ft Sam Houston
Recipe: Homemade! Beef, mushroom, & broccoli Ingredients: -Sliced beef (I used bulgogi cut) -dash of salt & black pepper -dash of garlic powder -1 tablespoon sugar -2 tablespoons soy sauce -2 tablespoons corn starch -2 tablespoons hoisin sauce -2 tablespoons sesame oil -1/4 cup water -can of straw mushrooms (drained) -bag of broccoli florets -2 tablespoons chopped garlic Directions: 1. Slice beef into 1/2inch and 1inch pieces 2. Season beef with salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and sugar. Add soy sauce, hoisin sauce, and coat thoroughly with corn starch and sesame oil. 3. Add garlic, marinated beef, mushrooms, broccoli and water to wok. (Water and the cornstarch mix makes the gravy) 4. Stir occasionally for about 30 minutes on medium heat until beef is fully cooked and tender. 5. Enjoy!