Spinach Dip -- Simply Stir and Refrigerate -- No C Recipe

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Spinach Dip -- Simply Stir and Refrigerate -- No C

Name: Bruce Jensky
Base: Langley Air Force Base, Virginia
Recipe: This Spinach Dip Recipe is an easy appetizer of party dip that everyone loves! You mix a rich and creamy base with tender spinach leaves , water chestnuts, and green onions for the perfect party mixture. Step 1: Start with a Creamy Base: I start with mayonnaise but using light or low fat dressing or even miracle whip works perfectly in this recipe. When adding sour cream, I often replace it with no fat Greek yogurt (you can't tell the difference...). I often make the dip with yogurt because it really cuts the calories and fat, and nobody can tell the difference! Step 2: Spinach: This recipe uses frozen chopped spinach but you can replace it with fresh spinach (just cook it down and squeeze it dry...). Step 3: Add Ins: Water chestnuts add great crunch and texture to this spinach dip. If you do not have them on hand, you can substitute diced celery or even bell peppers (but it just isn't the same..., still good, but it's just not the same...). Step 4: the quintessential seasoning for this dip is Knorr Vegetable Soup Mix (Lipton makes one as well...). It adds just the perfect seasoning and adds lots of color and flavor... Final Step: Enjoy!!! Serve this cold Spinach Dip with chips, crackers, or garlic baguette... You also might try using Hawaiian Bread as a bowl!!!