Kid Friendly Chocolate dipped Pretzels w/Toppings Recipe

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Kid Friendly Chocolate dipped Pretzels w/Toppings

Name: Bruce Jensky
Base: Langley Air Force Base, Virginia
Recipe: Chocolate dipped pretzels are so easy to make, and it's something you can do with the kids, especially on these cold, winter days. The combination of sweet chocolate and salty, crunchy pretzels is fantastic, and there is an infinite number of ways you can customize this recipe. You can use any pretzels you want, but I recommend large pretzel rods or twists since they are faster to make and look great when packages as a gift. Total time is 30 minutes, 15 minutes to prep and another 15 minutes to cook. The yield with 24 pretzels 24 servings... Try topping you chocolate covered pretzels with nuts, coconut, M&Ms, a caramel drizzle, or anything else you can dream up... INGREDIENTS: 12 oz. chopped semi-sweet chocolate or chocolate chips; 24 pretzel rods (or large pretzel twists); Optional: 1 Tablespoon shortening; Optional: assorted sprinkles, small candies, or crushed nuts. PREPARATION: Step 1: Prepare a baking sheet by lining it with waxed paper or parchment. Step 2: Place the chopped chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave in 30-seconds intervals, stirring after every 30-second. If you are using chocolate chips, consider adding a tablespoon of shortening to help thin out the chocolate (chocolate chips tend to be thicker when melted). When chocolate gets overheated, it thickens and becomes unworkable, so watch you chocolate carefully during the melting process. Take it out of the microwave when there are still a few unmelted bits remaining, and stir until the final chunks melt. Step 3: If dipping pretzel rods, hold a rod by one end and dip it into the chocolate, leaving an inch or two uncovered. If dipping pretzel twist, drop the whole pretzel into the chocolate and submerge it slightly. Use a fork to pull the pretzel out of the chocolate. Let the excess drip back into the bowl, then place it on the prepared baking sheet. If you want to top the pretzel with sprinkles, nuts, or candies, sprinkle them on when the chocolate is still wet. Repeat with the remaining chocolate and pretzels. Step 4: Place the pretzels in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes to set the chocolate. These Pretzels will keep for up to 2-weeks in an airtight container. Step 5: Enjoy the Wonderful combination of sweet chocolate and salty, crunchy pretzels!!!