Pear salad/dessert Recipe

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Pear salad/dessert

Name: Rosamond Brown
Base: JB San Antonio - Ft. Sam Houston
Recipe: 1. Drain juice from a large can of pear halves & boil the juice. 2. Pour juice over 2 boxes of jello. (We like lime, but I believe it was originally done with lemon. If you want it to be sweet for a dessert, try strawberry or orange). 3. Refrigerate until slightly thickened and soupy. Meanwhile, 4. Have 1 (8 oz) pkg cream cheese at room temperature & whip until fluffy. 5. Mash pears. 6. Whip 1 large pkg. Dream Whip with milk as directed until stiff. 7. Combine, jello mix, pears, cream cheese & Dream Whip until well combined. 8. Pour into a mold or a 9x13 pan for serving. TIP: I've made this with orange jello & added a small can of well drained mandarin oranges before pouring into mold. Sliced strawberries would be good with the strawberry jello.