Super Bean Salad Recipe

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Super Bean Salad

Name: Elizabeth Barker
Base: Peterson AFB
Recipe: In a large collinder, drain the following: 2 cans Black Eyed Peas 2 cans Black Beans 1 can Navy Beans 1 can cannellinni or great northern Beans 1 can Baby Limas or Butter Beans 1 can field peas & snaps You can add or swap any other beans you like. 1 can Rotel Mexican Style 2 cans whole kernel corn When drained, put them in a large bowl & add a diced onion, 1 half each green,red, & yellow bell peppers. Next add about 1/2 of a bunch of chopped cellantro. Mix it well, add a whole bottle of your favorite Italian dressing & mix again. Some like it HOT. Add whatever you like to make it your own. It makes a great side salad, lunch or a snack. It's low in calories & very high in protein. Terrific for a picnic, & it can be packaged up & frozen. Keeps well in the fridge for more than a week.