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Message Date Posted
Fort Sill, Oklahoma 1981
Doug Potteiger
I'm looking for someone who was enlisted and stationed in Hawaii. We met you took me around the island. You came to my hometown unfortunately due to a death in your family you asked me the most important question a girl could ever answer. I'm not a girl now but after all these years I hoped I could explain my answer. I never had a chance to.
Looking for Ruth and Mike Walker. They were stationed at Ft Polk in 1981. Mike went to Warrant Officer Candidate School at Aberdeen Proving Ground with my husband, James E Deese. They had 3 children, 1 boy, Mikey, 2 girls and 2 schnauzers. Would love to hear from you.
Ann Deese
I would like to contact as many MILPHAP members as possible. If you served or know somwone who was a member of a MILPHAP team please contact me.
Val Pochay
See you at the case lot sale.
I am looking for Don Wynn married to Patricia Wynn. We were stationed at Ft. Carson Co. In 1974 75 and 76 my number is 314-452-2700
willie mccambry
Looking for Ronald Washington
robert thomas
I'm looking for someone that knew Denny Lee not sure of his last name but he was stationed at Rose Barracks in BSD Kreuznach Germany in the summer of 1966 ?
Mike Boehm
Looking for a friend that was at Ft. Drum in early 1990's Veronica Lobo
looking for Ret Capt Bonnie Owens last saw at Altus AFB OK. 1991 no kind gust a nice person she retired around 1993
Ret Ssgt Samuel Owens
Trying to locate Robert Melham or Mulhem, Malham (from TX) stationed in Okinawa July 1968. Worked at Kadena gas station while off duty.
G Eccles
Looking for old buddy went by nickname "razor" from 1994-1995. i am from SC. Can't remeber his real name.
curtis simmons
Im looking for jason oliver smith us navy. From Illinois has been stationed in tn and California
Monica bonds
I\'m looking for Ms. Mary E. Lumpkin-Benitez from Stone Ridge, Fredericksburg, VA. She was married to my brother, Jose Juan Benitez.
Marhia Benitez-Martin
Looking for Brenda Olson was stationed at SHAPE in Belgium in 1988.
Vickie Cleary (Hart)
I am looking for Ben steward that was stationed in bamberg Germany. He was our vestments at our wedding. My husband is Daniel Capri both of you were inbravo company 1/54 during the late 70th. If anybody has any info please call 580 483 6485. Thanks. Both of them had a friend name swan.
gabriele capri
Looking for Susan Jones who was in the Air Force in the late 60's...Barksdale AB. Her father is retired Army out of Fort Dix. Has several brothers and sisters. Last Comtact was around 1972 at Mcguire where Susan was a civilian (CS). I think in Transportation . Have been looking for her for YEARS. She would be about 68 now. She was my roommate at Barksdale and we worked together at the base hospital at Barksdale... Thanks so much for reading this...Liz
Elizabeth Reed
I am looking for a Charles (Charlie) Edwards. He is from Alabama. He was stationed at RAF Bentwaters England in the early 80's. Somewhere around the time of 81-84 0r 85. He was in the security police squadron, L E to be exact. Thanks in advance.
bruce e. evans
Looking for Ron Scarbro. Served at Atlanta Army Depot 1967-1968 Headquarters Co.
Hansel Kimberlin
looking for mark blount
colleen raven
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