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Message Date Posted
Pilot Training Class 57-N Seeking members for reunion. 3952 Sadlersville Road, Adams, TN 37010; Phone (931) 358-2756
Manwwod Clauson
Pilot Training class 56B, Malden Air Bse Mo. Seeking former members for a Y2K reunion. Phone (650) 726-9795. Phone (612) 475-4244
Forrest Storz Dick Van Bibber
Pilot Training Class 50-C Seeking former members and instructor. 422 Gray Sage, Helotes, TX 78023; Phone(210) 695-8219 Fax (210) 695-5098
William R. Hollis
Pilot Class 49-A Compling roster of all classmates, schools, cadets and officers for reunion in November 2001. 209 Natures Trail, Fort walton Beach, Fl 32548; Phone (850) 864-2088; Fax (850) 63-1334 Web site
Tom Whitlock
Pilots (AT-11. T-33, T-37 and T-38), Webb Air Force Base, Texas. Seeking information, memoriabilia, photos, logbooks, maps, gear, newspaper, etc., for display in Hanger 25 Meseum. P.O.Box 2925, Big Spring, TX 79721; Phone (915) 267-5201 or (915) 264-2362.
Carrol Jennings
PICCOLO, Angelo T. Last known asignment was 526th Fighter Squadron aircarft maintenance, 1951-1952. 802 Bellwood Drive, Clover, SC 39710-1602; Phone (803) 222-4647
C.M. Knox,
Phu Cat Air Base, south Vietnam. Seeking UNIVAC 1050-11 computer operations personnel (37th Supply Squadron), 1967-68. 1221 Triangle Drive, Central Point, OR 97502; Phone (541) 664-4853
Wlliam C. Carlson
PHILLIP or Phillips, Francis. Last Known assignment was photomapping squadron communications, 1956-57. 5467 Route 9 W., Marlboro, NY 12542; Phone (914) 562-2619
Joseph P. Casscles
PHILLIPS, retires Staff Sgt. Charles Edon "Jabo". Last Known assignment was 810th Air Police Squadron, Biggs Air Force Base, Texas, 1950-54. P.O.Box 233, Markham, TX 77456; Phone (409) 843-5271 Fax (409) 843-5490
retired master Sgt. Edwin F.Polasek
Pharmacy school graduates. Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., August-October 1964. 409 Honker Lane, Suisun City. CA 94585; Phone (707) 425-8920
Richard Reid
Phalsbourg Air Base/ Toul-Rosiere Air Bse, 1960s. Seeking veteran pilots and crew who flew in France. 85 Route de Bale, 68000 Colmar, France;
Pascal Reimel,
PETROCINE, 1st Lt. Eugene. Lead Nvigator, 412th Squadron, 95th Bomb Group. Graduate of class 43-17, Hondo, Texas. Killed in action on Sept. 28, 1944. Recipient of two Distinguished Flying Crosses and four Air Medals. Wish to contact anyone who Knew of him or information that's connected to 412th squadron, 95th Bomb Group, at that time. Phone (909) 780-5588
Robert w. Schmidt
Pershawa, Pakistan, 1959-60 6937th Communications Flight. Field service representative, Blinded Vets Association, Room 1500D, JFK Federal Buildin, Boston, MA 02203; Phone (617) 565-2665; Fax (617)565-2567
Steve Matthews
PEARCE (or Pierce), Nora. Husband's name was Don; she had a son and daughter and was originally from Oregon. Last known location was Howard Air Base, Canal Zone, from 1965 to 1968. POB 13945, Maumelle, AR 72113; Phone (501) 851-3330
Joanne Aber (formerly Snelson)
PEAACOCK SGT Bert. Last known assignment was FB-111 crew chief, 509th BMW, Pease Air Force Base, N.H., November 1982
Curt Lenz
PAYNE, Tanya. Military brat at RAF Upper Heyfrd Air Force Base, England. Went to Heyford Air Force Base, England. Went to school at Croughton Air Force Base, 1985 Phone (319) 356-6523
Rolanda Johnson
PARKER, Steve M. Last known assignment was 438th Aerial Port Squadron, Mguire Air Force Base, N.J., 1980-84 P.O.Box 577 Elmira, NY 14902; Phone (607)737-8064
Tech. Sgt. Bill snell
PARKER, John (J.P.) and Jean. Last known location ws Fort Worth, Texas 310 Shell Drive, Crestview, Fl 32536; Phone (850) 689-4775
Frank Richbourg
PARKER, Sgt. Calvin George and wife, Megan. Last known location was Headquarters, Air Force North, Oslo, Norway. 4281 TR. 135, McComb, OH 45858; Phone (419) 293-2035
Becky Boyles
Panama Canal Veterans. Seeking those who served in Panama in any brach of the service from 1913 to 1957. You are cordially invited to join the 33rd Infantry RCT Association. Reunions are held in October of each year.
Frank Ryan
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