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Message Date Posted
Looking for Tommy pope &cecil hudson
Thomas johnson
I am looking for information, and possibly photos of my father. William R. Fahrenbach Jr., was on the USS Niobrara (AO-72)in 1944-1945. Any thing would be great!
B. Dempsey
I am looking for Randy Bruce or Wendell Frazier who were in the Navy stationed in Naples, Italy during 1972-73 or any of their friends that know their whereabouts. Thx!
Cynthia Coleman
Lisa Barefield this is my email Hope all is well.
Tasi Jones
HiLisa. This is Tasi and ALfred Jones. We saw your post and wanted to let you know where we are at and how to get ahold of us. Email me when you get this message.
Tasi Jones
I out here looking for on particular person in the world. Polly Eulitte we were together on Okinawa in 70-71 I need to find her. Please anyone out there that knows of or where she maybe, now.
Friend, Carl Brown looking for Donnie E Ray Sgt.and Paul Engwall of 1st.Bn.,198th.Inf.Brg. 1968-1969 Vietnam.
Arnie Sundberg
You were in EUSA and I was at EASCOM and later with 19th Gen Sup Group...I retired at 05 with a combination of 10 yrs active and many years in the reserves.
Grover C Miller
We had been in AGOBC together in 1958 and had made contact again at Ft Harrison in the middle of the sixties. I retired at O5 with a combination of active and reserves.
Grover C Miller
Hello. We made contact during Viet Nam. I was stationed in Seoul. I am back home in Ohio.
Grover C Miller
Hello. Hope we can communicate. I was at Ft Harrison the last time we made contact (1965).
Grover C Miller
email me for the many details you have missed in our lives.
Lisa trodgon
James Fears..... that was stationed on Ft. Riley Ks in 1986, short black cute guy, your daughter Ashley is now 23 and she is ready to meet you. Email me at thanks.
hazel veal
Looking for anyone stationed at Kirsh Gons Ger HQ CO, CCA 1958 to 1960 and/or with A Trp 3/5th CAV Ft Lewis 1973 to 1978 Call 360-482-2362
SFC Henry Liendecker
Searching for Nancy Servis from elementary school - military housing in Duluth, MN in 1964. John Goetz? Anita Sybrant? Anyone that I knew back then in the 4th grade?
Rorie Gray
looking for my military buddies station in Gelnhausen Germany around 1982. Combat support 2/48 HHQ infront of the pound. 19D
Quinton Scott
looking for Head Football Coach of the VII Corps Jay Hawk Football Team 1961 &1962 1-704-301-o798 THANKS
Sam Speece
Looking for Sally Beaty,freshman 1961 Nurnber HS Germany, father:Lt Col Edward Beaty regt XO 2ND Armd Cav 1-704-301-0798
sam speece
Looking for Gil Garcia from San Antonio, stationed with my father, Gordon Rupert Sr. at RAF Burtonwood, 1950 - 1952?
Gordon Rupert
At CCK air base 1966 OMS 776th have agent orange problems. Dose anyone else?
William C. McDowell
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Did this page help you find someone you were looking for? Please let us know. Click here.