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By: Danielle  
Fort Lewis, WA

THE TERROR ON TUESDAY The feeling of safeness in our day to day lives is gone, The memory of the "Terror On Tuesday" will live on and on. It was a normal morning - until I turned on the t.v., The unbelievable scene for all to see. A moment of unrealness - then the slow, shocking truth, As the fear overtook the safeness of my youth. I cry for the people I never knew, I weep for the heroic acts that grew and grew. My anger goes on as my love in America becomes strong, Thousands of people - can you imagine?- All of them simply gone. We must never let ourselves forget - It will be forever embedded in history, They could have been our relatives and friends - the children could have belonged to you or me. And, although we will have a long road ahead and might loose many more - We must always remember that horrible day when terrorists opened our safely shut door. Us Americans are not perfect, but together we are strong - We will rebuild the damage and we will march on. God blesses the good and embraces the pain, Our spirits are now stronger and will not wain. Danielle

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