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Title: Hurry Home  
By: SunShine  

Babe, As I drove you to the pier knowing that you'd be gone for so long. You left us just the other day but it's your job and must be done. With tears in my eyes we said our goodbyes. I told myself to be strong I tried so hard not to cry. As I got in the jeep I wanted to turn back. As much as my heart did ache I knew that you'd be back. Then we drove off in the car I said "Trevor please don't cry. It's only for alittle while not a forever goodbye". I said daddy will be back soon but not soon enough. Till then we'll have to be rugged we have to be tough. You'll be gone for six months and only days have passed. I wonder if I'll make it, how will I last. The loneliness that I feel the tears that I have shed are just the beginning of a rough road ahead. The days are long and the nights they are lonely. I have dreams about you when you were here to hold me. These days will not last forever they will soon dwindle down. You will first have to travel the whole world around. Just know that we miss you and please don't prolong. Hurry home darling back where you belong. Love always, SunShine

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