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Title: Untitled (I can't find the words!)  
By: Maria  
Mt. Home AFB

I have enjoyed writing poetry since the sixth grade. Now, 15 years later, I was faced with something I never would have thought I'd ever have to deal with. I express myself best in words &, for the last two weeks, was unable to put any words together! Just now, I sat & composed a poem in a form I've never written in before & it's the first one I just can't come up w/ a title for...a lot of times, I come up with a title & THEN put the words to it! I would like to share it with you & hope you all can find a way to vent or cope of your own! Stay safe & God Bless! **************************************** I have tried for two weeks now, to put in to words, the way I felt about the news I’d heard. The life we’ve lived will never be the same, all because of a faceless coward without a name. Never did I think, in a million years, that I could cry so many tears. Nor to our babies would I have to explain, why “God let bad people” on that plane. It’s something my Grandpa never speaks of, and in one way or another, affects everyone I love. A story that my Uncle might have told, something for the mind to behold. What it isn’t is what my husband should tell, the months, maybe years, of agonizing Hell. It’s the story of war, we’ve all heard before, but it’s never, ever knocked at my front door! It’s something we all read about in schoolbooks, remembering the pictures of soldier’s frightened looks. The stories they told, the horror they felt, years of pain with which they still haven’t dealt. My husband shouldn’t go, our kids shouldn’t cry, for their freedom though, daddy’s willing to die. Never did I think it would EVER come to this, that this moment, right now, might be our last kiss. His arms, so safe, reassuring & strong, just that one touch, oh how I will long. Long to hold him, to smell his cologne, wondering where his plane has flown. No, not my husband, he’s not meant for war, he’s a daddy, my lover & so much more. My best friend, my right leg, my confidant, and until he comes home, red white & blue I will flaunt. I support him 100%, for the Air Force is his life, and damn I am proud to say I’m his wife! By: Maria Hill 26 September 2001

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