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Title: God truly does work in mysterious ways  
By: Shorty  
Ft. Belvoir Army Post - Virginia

We arrived on Ft.Belvoir 25 Aug 00. Little did I know that my world was about to change. All the other bases where we were stationed, I was always able to go inside and visit my husband. After reporting for duty here, my husband returned to tell me that I could not get out of the car. I was crushed. Every day that he would leave, I would pray that he would be safe and no harm would come to him. I could talk to him on the phone, but anything could be going on. On this one special day, the children and I after showing proper id were allowed through the gate. We parked and waited for my husband to come out. Our son (5) asked me, mommy did you see the lady that opened the door for daddy the other day? I asked him what did she look like. He said, she had wings in the back of her and she had on a blue dress. She was kind of fat and she opened the door for daddy. Didn't you see her? I told him no I did not, but I was glad that he saw her. After listening to him talk about this lady, I was sure that he had seen an angel and that this was God's way of telling me that I had no reason to worry about my husband because he had a guardian angel with him all the time. Every since that day, I still pray for everyone to be safe and in praying I know that they will all be safe because we each have a guardian angel with us. On Sept. 11, my husband and another guy from work were making plans to leave for the Pentagon. They had keys in hand when a call came in and said they did not have to come. They would have been somewhere in the building when the plane hit, but by the grace of God, they were told to stay put. I thank God everyday for this man. My husband is Chief Master Sergeant (selectee) Carl Albritton.

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