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Title: Loving a Sailor  
By: SunShine  

I love a sailor with all of my heart. Lately, I've seen him almost never we are always apart. We may not be together but love does not give in. To let something go like this would be such a sin. He is courageous and he is a proud man, Protecting his country, as best he can. When will I see him? After six months have past. But I feel his love for me and I know it will last. Perhaps there will be peace, perhaps there will not. I hold on to hope, it's all that I've got. My love for him grows, it gets stronger each day. The distance between us can't hold it at bay. He calls, I write, We both hold on with all of our might. I cry often, I will not lie. Sometimes smiling is hard, but I sure do try. I love, I hope, I dream, I cope. His heart is strong, his feelings are true. He loves me and I love him too. Yes, I love a sailor and though we are apart. We're always together, together at heart!

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