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Title: My Ranger  
By: T. C.  
Eglin AFB

Wanting to be the best you can be You strive for perfection for all to see. With strength and pride, you volunteered as a Ranger, To be the elite, knowing the dangers. Through treacherous woods, and mountainous terrain You handled the quest, through heat, cold, and rain. Through jungles and swamps, water up to your chest You gave it your all to be one of the best. Move further, and faster, and harder, they yell.. At times you thought you were living in hell. To give 100% was just not enough The training is strenuous, the going gets tough. The bruises and blisters, nearing starvation You dismissed this all with determination. Fighting exhaustion, stress and fatigue To be the best soldier, the top of your league. You chose the life of being a Ranger You'll give your all, no matter the danger. You'll have many missions, your goals in mind. The ones that you love, always left behind. You'll often be gone to a fr away land, Some with mountains, most with sand. We'll shed our tears when we say "goodbye." Not knowing the time time we'll get to say "hi." I'll miss your smile, the kiss of your lips, The soft caress of your fingertips. I'll wait for your letters and pray for a call, To hear your voice, to tell you all. We'll send our love and prayers to you Because it's your job, one you must do. We'll always be together, though miles apart Because We Love You with all our hearts. So keep that in mind and know that it's true When you come home, we'll be waiting for you. Fight on, strong and hard, complete your mission, Careful of the hazards of your chosen profession. Though you may be the lone survivor, You're never a quitter, always the driver. Surrender is not an option, giving up not the way, You're now a Ranger, You lead the way!

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