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Title: Unity Park, Eglin AFB  
By: T. C.  
Eglin AFB

I would like to thank everyone who helped build our park. Your hard work and dedication to our children are something you should all be proud of. This is the poem I wrote in honor of Unity Park, opened December 3, 2001. Unity Park A place to gather and have some fun. Among the trees, under the sun. A place to unite and meet a friend, Until the day comes to an end. A place that was built by helping hands, A park to be proud of amongst the sand. The kids worked hard day after day, To come up with a plan so they could say, "We helped to build this park, you see, With our visions, our hopes, our dreams." Hard work and sweat each had to endure, To build a place of such grandeur. Long days and night, the work was tough, Pounding, digging, the going was rough. Kids of all ages will gather to meet, Play their games, hang by their feet. The children, they will laugh and play, Until the end, of each new day. Sliding and climbing, running around, Twisting and turning, they will be found. Enjoying themselves and having a ball, Whether it's winter, summer, or fall. We all have made it a reality, Side by side, you and me. Coming together, hand in hand, In this, the world's greatest land. Thanks for your work and dedication, Another sign of our great nation. This park was built for our commUnity, That's why we have named it, Unity. P. Chamberlain For Unity Park Eglin AFB, FL

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