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Title: Dear Great Grandpa  
By: Maria  
Mt. Home AFB

I LOVE writing poetry (but seldom get the chance to clear my head anymore.) As some of you know, hubby's Grandfather finally gave up his fight with Alzheimer's this evening. We're leaving in about 4 hours to drive back to Indiana for his funeral, & to be with hubby's Grandma. Anyhoo, I felt like I needed to do something, for our boys' sake & I just couldn't get to sleep (tried twice!) I decided I'd try to write a poem for G-Gpa, from them, to have G-Gma put in his casket! That way, tho they didn't get to see him but a handful of times, he'll always have something with him, from their heart! I wanted to share this with you all b/c so many of you answered when I asked what you did about funerals/burials & your young ones. I think, even if you can't rhyme to save your soul, this is a good idea...would be even better if your kids were old enuff to write it themselves! Thank you for letting me share my idea...see 'ya in 10 days! =) Thank you too for those of you who offered your kind words & Prayers! Stay safe & God Bless! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Great Grandpa, We hope you got our pictures, & all our postcards too, Though we didn't get to see you much, we always thought of you, We never missed a holiday, & wished that we were there, We Pray the things we sent you let you know how much we care, Now you're even closer than you ever were before, 'Cause we'll see you in our Prayers, at night when we close our door, And each morning, when we wake, we know right where you'll be, Looking down on us, with Angel wings, with Great-Grandma's & Pa's B. & C. We love & miss you Great-Grandpa! Your littlest Hill men, Devon Lee & Trevor Leighton 15 February 2002

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