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Title: Jesus Heals  
By: Deborah  

I have a story to tell about the healing power of Jesus. I once heard a pastor say "GOD is good all the time", well yes he is. My father slipped into a mysterious disease that not even doctors could explain. His body began to stiffen as hard a a board, he was rapidly losing the use of his muscles. It was hard for him to sleep, because his body would become stiff with lack of movement. The pain became excriutating. My father is a very active man and my mother felt helpless as she watch him slowly become grow worse. He saw various Doctors who grasped at straws ,to figure out what was wrong. It seem at one point they thought my father had lyme disease, then "MS " but the testing showed otherwise. My father raised five daughters, we all love the lord we all began to pray for my father and kept in touch as much as possible on his progress. Then one day the phone call came from my father in high spirits. He said, Debbie? this is your papa, I am healed! the lord has healed me!!! From the top of my head to the soles of my feet!! I have been healed!!He said he got the urge to use the restroom in the middle of the night and dreaded the long process of having to struggle. But inwardly he felt as hough it was ok, he sprang out of bed like ateenager with out any pain or stiffnes it was as though it left as mysteriously as it came. God is good all the time. Thank you Jesus!!

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