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Title: True Test of Love : A Navy Marriage  
By: SunShine  

You stand on the pier watching his ship pull away You feel in your heart a little voice say: I love you, I need you, I want you to stay. He stands on the deck, watching you too His world falls apart, he wants to be with you He feels his heart breaking his eye sheds a tear, The only thing now he wants is for you to be near. She goes home to her children a gift of her man, And tries to go on the best that she can. The only thing that keeps her from falling apart, Is the thought of her husband kept close to her heart. Out on the deck he is standing in the rain, Praying for the ocean to swallow his pain. A golden streak of heaven shines down from above, as her remembers to be strong for the woman he loves. After so many months his ship finally pulls in, her heart skips a beat when she spots his wide grin. They throw their arms around each other in a tight embrace, Their hearts are free as they feel their pulse race. Yours surely must have been a match made from above, Because these past six months were a test of true love.

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