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Title: America Under Attack  
By: Maria Gray  

On 9/11/2001 Attack on America has begun Two planes crashed into the world trade towers Unbelievably enough, tradgedy happened within the hour The Pentagon was struck with a third plane The madmen behind this must be insane In Pa. a fourth plane goes down No survivors to be found All planes hijacked by an invisible man One who stays hiding, or at least thinks he can With black smoke and fire a blazzin Fire rescuers rush in, lives a savin Firefighters enter the towers continuing up While victims run down covered in sut Rescuers tending to their job Only to find their best friends and sob Screams, collapsed buildings and thunderous sounds The bodies of missing victims is profound In our prayers is where they'll stay In our hearts they'll never fray Volunteers, giving blood, making donations We stay united in this great nation Innocent lives were taken These terrorists should be shaken For we are the USA United we stand and thats the way we'll stay Written By: Maria Gray

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