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Title: The Final Tour  
By: Maudene' Hogue  
Kings Bay, Ga.

"The Final Tour" No one knows what military spouses and thier families really go through. But by the grace of God and a little support we make it through deployments, deaths, raising the children, and every day events plus our jobs. My husband has been in the Silent Service for 28 years. This is final tour, only 2 years remains and he will complete a full 30 year tour. We remain friends, lovers and husband and wife... only by the grace of God! This final tour is very challenging for both of us. We still hold hands and stand beside each other. I will be glad when the final tour is over, I miss my friend, lover and husband. It has been a real roller coaster ride the last 25 years! Looks like were going to make it. Thank-You Lord...

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